Common Q+As

St John is a US Territory.
US Passports are not required – but we strongly suggest traveling with a valid passport to expedite your travel to and from the US Virgin Islands. And a US passport is required if you decide to do a day trip to the British Virgin Islands ( BVIs).

If you rent a car or Jeep you’ll need to remember to drive on the left hand side of the road!

and credit cards are the common payment methods. Note: Not all places accept or can can process credit cards.

Weather on St John changes by the moment. You may have noticed that the online forecast shows rain for every day! No worries, in a tropical climate it rains somewhere at some time during the day. But that doesn’t mean you’ll experience rain. And showers usually only last a few minutes!

It’s considered rude to ask a question without first saying “Good morning”, “Good afternoon”, “Good evening”.

Many of St John’s beautiful beaches are inside the Virgin Islands National Park. The Park does not allow glass containers.

St John is a small island with relatively little crime. Most of the crime on St John that does occur is theft. For this reason we suggest that you don’t travel with expensive jewelry, electronics or large sums of cash.

It’s a common question … Can I drink the water? Most water is collected via gutters on the roof of the villas and buildings and collects in cisterns. Many villas filter this water for drinking. But, we suggest drinking bottled water whenever possible – if for no other reason than it tastes better ; )

Mosquitoes are prevalent in the tropics. Periodically there will be cases of mosquito-borne illnesses. Please check the CDC website for latest information on areas affected and precautions.


St John Car Rental

While Battery Hill is convenient to Cruz Bay, many people will want the convenience and ability to explore all of St John island. While we have a our favorites, most of St John’s rental agencies have similar pricing, vehicles and fees. Here are a few …

St John Car Rental
Located in Cruz Bay, with convenient pick up and drop off location close to the ferry dock. More info:

Cool Breezes Jeep Rental

Located in Cruz Bay and conveniently located for pick up and drop off. More info:

L&L Jeep Rental

Located in Cruz Bay and conveniently located for pick up and drop off. More info:


St John Beaches

St John has over three dozen beautiful beaches. Many of the most popular are located along the North Shore and inside the Virgin Islands National Park. Crown jewel of the Park beaches is Trunk Bay. It’s soft white sand, aqua blue waters and distinctive Cay are pictured in many of the top travel magazines.

A great resource for information about visiting, snorkeling, exploring St John’s beaches is The Ultimate St John Beach Guide.



The #1 reason people visit St John are for the beautiful beaches. And a big part of it is the wonderful natural beauty of the Virgin Islands National Park. Activities like hiking, snorkeling, fishing, water sports, diving … are great ways to respect and enjoy this beautiful island.


St John Bars & Restaurants

There are some wonderful island restaurants – perfect for whatever your mood or budget requires! Here are some of our favorite places to eat and drink … Please note: A small number of St John restaurants have not reopened since hurricane Irma.